The Aztec-inspired tablescape features a vibrant combination of green and white hues, complemented by the exotic presence of leopards. The table is adorned with a white woven table runner, lush green ferns and our striking gold pillar candlesticks with an Aztec inspired pattern to them. 

    To incorporate the leopard theme, small leopard-print elements are strategically placed throughout the tablescape with our show stopping leopard dinner plates and gold leopard figurines bringing a touch of wild sophistication to the arrangement. The overall effect is a captivating fusion of Aztec influences, vibrant green and white colours, and a hint of untamed elegance with the leopard motifs, creating a visually stunning and unique tablescape. There are many pieces in this tablescape that you can use around your home all year round.

    Shop the full tablescape, the decor set, the place setting or mix and match and create your own design.  Shop below to view the full collection.

    27 products

    27 products