What is the difference between a Champagne Coupe & a Champagne Saucer?

The short answer a Champagne Coupe & Champagne Saucer are the same thing!
A champagne saucer, also known as a champagne coupe, is a stemmed glass with a wide, shallow bowl and is used for serving champagne and sparkling wines.
Where did the Champagne Saucer Originate?
Pronounced 'ko͞op,' this stylish cocktail glass was designed in the mid 17th century in England by a Benedictine monk. Champagne coupes quickly became fashionable in France in the 1700s and were the cocktail vessel of choice for many years. Legend has it the shape of the glass was modelled after Marie Antoinette's breast.
What is the difference between a Champagne Coupe & a Champagne Saucer?
Compared to a Champagne flute, the Champagne coupe is wider and shorter. This means you'll get more delicious Champagne per glass, but you'll also lose fizz more easily. There's more space for the bubbles to move around and oxygen to interact with the wine, so the flavours and aromas develop over time and the Champagne tastes even better!  The perfect reason to get yourself a set of our Italian Crystal Champagne Coupes.
Champagne Coupe, also known as a Champagne Saucer
If you prefer a Champagne Flute - Our Acrylic quirky Champagne Stands are a fun way of serving Champange at your next celebration.
Champagne Coupes are also a great investment as they are great for serving desserts into or serve drinks in style by adding giant fruity or flavoured ice cubes.  You may have seen this trend on our instagram.  You can watch here
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